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About six years ago, I was having my regular six weekly chat with my hairdresser about Tesla. We were both enthusiastic about the company and both held stock. I was trying to convince him that Tesla wasn’t a car company. At its core, I told him, I believed Tesla was actually a battery company, since batteries were key to everything they did and where they needed to focus on if they wanted to scale.

Batteries have since proven to be key to Tesla’s success and the biggest bottleneck in scaling the company. At Tesla’s “Battery Day” and other company events…

Is this the cheapest way to host Machine Learning models?

Image via Envato Elements under license to Phil Whelan

I recently made a video on using for inexpensively building Machine Learning models. This is useful for someone like me, who wants to build a model without a budget. Using (I’m not affiliated with them), I’m able to build reasonably sized models, such as resnet152 (152 layer CNN) based models for image categorization, for just a few dollars. My workflow is to jump on a GPU, such as RTX 3090, paying 80 cents per hour, do some training, do analysis, and then jump back to my laptop for further developing my plan of attack. …

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Software Engineer

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